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Concealed Carry Class and Gun Training in Louisburg, North Carolina

Let us provide you with a quality concealed carry class. Kevin White's Firearms Training in Louisburg, North Carolina, provides gun training for you.

Concealed Carry Class
Our North Carolina concealed carry course is required to obtain concealed permit, which allows citizens to carry concealed guns.

Inproving Handgun Skills Class
Learn how to survive in a deadly situation when threatened at home or in a public place. You will learn how to handle yourself in the most dangerous situations, even if your gun fails to fire. We will also instruct you how to fire using cover. Required equipment includes a handgun, holster, 250 rounds of ammo, and eye and ear protection.

The Advanced Class ONLY is held in Oxford at "The Range" starting at 9:00 am until around 5:00 pm.

Private Handgun Classes
Personal handgun training available upon request. Price is $30.00 per hour at a minimum of 2 hours. Private instruction ranges from beginning to advanced shooters, you still receive the best instruction without the crowd of a larger class. Private classes are offered at different locations. Inquire for more information.

Personal Protection Series


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carry classes in Louisburg, North Carolina.

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